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Wedding Decor: DIY Boxwood Backdrop

Wedding Decor: DIY Boxwood Backdrop

If you're running on a tight wedding budget, incorporating faux greenery panels is always a good idea. We’re talkin’ about crafting with boxwood paneling to make a beautiful backdrop that can be implemented anywhere in your celebration. Don’t worry about the steep florist prices or wilted, crippling foliage. 3rd Street Inn’s artificial boxwood panels give you top quality for a reasonable price, and carry a rich, dark green hue that imitates a natural boxwood plant. This boxwood backdrop idea does not have to be limited solely to a picturesque photo or spotlight area; any wall, door, picture frame, or mirror can be easily decorated as well. Plants carry a fresh feel with them and this DIY is your opportunity to bring light to any iffy or dull areas in your venue.

This blog will lay out the recipe for creating a perfect and affordable greenery wedding backdrop. We’re going to give various options for hanging or nailing in your panels. We understand that not every wedding space is the exact same and every bride has their own specific taste!

As one would guess, the larger the space you would like to cover, the more expensive the project will end up being. Keep that in mind when planning, as well as the measurements so you know the exact number of greenery panels to purchase. Are you fully or partially decorating an existing wall in your venue? Or just bringing in your own decorated board? Take a walk through your venue and see where your DIY artificial boxwood masterpiece would truly shine.

Just like each venue has its differences, the recipe for this project is loose and not fixed; or as a cook book might add, the ingredients will vary. If you are renting out an area for your wedding, it would probably be off-limits to nail your boxwood backdrop into the wall. There are many options to get around the whole permanent nail in the wall thing. Here’s some examples so you can start brainstorming what would work best for you:

  1. Tie your completed boxwood panels to a backdrop stand with ribbons or rustic rope. The boxwood project will simply hang down from the bar up above. You can find cheap backdrop stands on Amazon and Walmart.
  2. Secure your panels to plywood. Dig through your garage and storage areas, or go to the hardware store, and pick up some cheap plywood pieces. Depending on what area you would like to feature your project, make adjustments to the board to fit the square, rectangle, or even circle idea.
  3. Attach your artificial boxwood panels to any unused bulletin or peg board, canvas, frame, or really anything you can find lying around in your home or at a yard sale. One man's trash is another man's treasure!
  4. If the space allows you, certainly go for the easiest outlet and attach your boxwood panels to the wall using nails, hooks, command strips, velcro, or any other way your smart mind can think of!

Secure the 3rd Street Inn panels together by simply snapping the pieces into one another. Once you hear the satisfying snap noise, you know you're all good and it’s tucked into place. We know you are excited, but make sure you wait till you get to the reception space or wherever you plan on arranging your project before actually assembling it. But if you have a large amount of space in your car or a smaller project to work on, go nuts!

You probably have your color scheme picked out and ready to go. Whether your wedding and reception will be held in a rustic barn venue, classy uptown ballroom, or natural picturesque park, boxwood panels can be customized to fit your style. Your local dollar store is a great way to head for finding cheap faux flower and greenery options.

Since these panels have a secure netting behind the foliage, attaching real or faux flowers, woodcut or balloon lettering is easy. Just make sure to fully secure your additions with wire or sturdy thread. We don't want the large wooden initials falling down on the mother-in-law’s head while she's posing for a picture…ouch!

Now that your panels are all decorated and in their tip-top shape, it's time to figure out how you would like to secure your artificial greenery backdrop if you don’t already know how to. Refer to the four options we listed in the Prepping section of the blog if you are having trouble figuring out which option is best for you.

Whichever route you decide to take, this DIY is the perfect opportunity to get together with some friends, let off some stressful wedding steam, and let your creative juices flow. It’s always easiest to pay someone else to arrange your decorations, but it takes guts and imagination to be your own designer. Remember to take pride in your own creations, you are a go-getter.

Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!

- The 3rd Street Inn Crew
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