The 5 W’s on Freshening Up your Event with Greenery Panels.

Nothing could be more aesthetic and trendy than bringing in Earth's natural colors and textures into a home. So, why not add that same attractive appeal to an event? And if the event happens to be hosted in your house, this blog still applies to you! We’re going to give you the who, what, where, when and why of using greenery panels throughout your event decor; only just a tad bit out of order. Keep reading to see some of 3rd Street Inn's tips and tricks when working with greenery panels.

When it comes to creating a trendy feel to your event design, a natural vibe is the way to go. Especially if you're trying to impress prospective or existing customers and clients. By going the extra mile to bring in an in-season decor appeal, it shows that your company is in the know and on top of its game. They will be grateful that your company made an attractive photo backdrop or cocktail bar area for the betterment of the industry and the customers. To promote your business within the photo ops being taken, get a laser-cut wooden hashtag of your company motto or name and string it in within the greenery paneling.

You can also attract guests to a certain area by using greenery wall paneling on the focal point of the event; A textured wall is eye-catching, so use it to your advantage. This is key for corporate events when trying to sell new, upcoming products and services. Make an inviting set up with tables advertising your point of sale in front of paneled greenery walls. We promise it will attract those who may not have planned on walking in that direction.

As far as less corporate events go, like bridal and baby showers, weddings, and New Year’s parties, this trendy aspect still affects you. Show your family and friends that you know how to decorate like a boss. We want everyone to say “D*mn, Emma has seriously stepped up her game… I can’t fricking wait for the next New Years party.” Excuse our French, but it’s time to get amped up about throwing a good a** event!

3rd Street Inn's artificial greenery panels are quite simple and easy to install on both round and flat surfaces. Each panel comes with interlocking connectors that snap together. There is no need to worry about watering, trimming, or providing shade for our faux greenery panels. And with many different plant styles, you can create your individual look that fits the theme of your event.

Whether you are hosting a corporate event, wedding, baby shower, a birthday party, or just your good ole’ family reunion, it’s always a good idea to bring a natural vibrancy to your decor plans. Adding hues of green throughout your event not only brings a livelihood to the environment, but they help bring your guests to the calming outdoors if not already. Nature has always been known to bring a sense of serenity along with it. Plus, by using artificial greenery panels you're saving your own time and money by straying away from the local pricey florist.

Photo Backdrops

Let’s face it. We all love a good background for getting that perfect Instagrammable picture. If that's not exactly for you, others at the event that are more into their social media or camera skills will be thankful that you added a special space for them. When designing your faux greenery backdrop, don’t be afraid to step out of the box and add extra accessories to the foliage. Amp up the space by assembling faux or fresh flowers, rustic picture frames, or even a wooden-cut quote on top of the greenery. Since the back of 3rd Street Inn's greenery panels look and act as a net, sliding flower stems or tying up props into the panel itself is very easy.

Wall Decor

Greenery mirror and picture frames? No worries! These panels can take the shape of any frame or space by just snipping them to fit.

Are you simply tired and angered by the massive stain or hole in your wall? Easy — hang up faux greenery wall panels so guests do not have to look at the monstrosity. You don’t need to have a blemish on a wall to accessorize it though. Hanging up the realistic, textured decor can truly bring any space to life.

For example, streaming paneling along your cocktail area to cheer up the forgotten cornered hangout spot will attract guests to the new entertaining environment. It’s likely that there is a multitude of walls within your event space, so design and plan ahead accordingly to make sure you order enough panels to fit your needed spaces.


It’s important when throwing an outdoor event that your landscaping is in tip-top shape. We all can't afford to have our yards professionally designed and worked on. And not all gardens and fences have the most aesthetic, eye-catching appeal. That’s life! It may be that your tiny yard doesn't get enough sun, or your soil isn’t best known for sprouting beautiful hedges and flowers. Whatever it may be, 3rd Street Inn's realistic greenery panels will spruce up any garden issue to bring it back to its colorful vibrancy. Lining an old fence with panels immediately brings its spark back. Now throw in some cute cushions on your outdoor furniture, light up the tiki torches, turn up the speaker and BAM you have yourself a party!

By livening up your event with faux greenery panels you can easily bring any dull space to the spotlight. 3rd Street Inn's greenery wall panels offer an array of possibilities, so soak up every opportunity to use them without going too crazy. Just kidding… go crazy!

You should have guessed it by now, YOU are the WHO. The event, whatever it may be, is coming. Due to your busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, more stress can be added onto the decor, arrangements, and designing. All of which should be the most fun! Don’t worry. There is no green thumb required to work with greenery panels. Imagination and creativity are, though. Besides, who doesn't love a DIY project where they get to take full credit? Like anything in life, remember to always add your own personal funky touch. This is the perfect time to allow your creativity to roam free.

Thank you for all the 3rd Street Inn customers who uploaded their beautiful greenery panel design pictures that were featured in this blog!

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