The Power of Faux Trellis and Greenery Panels


Greenery trellises and panels are the epitome of style, utility, and convenience when talking landscaping. Whether it’s reducing background noise, covering unwanted spaces, or beautifying a dull space, both our trellises and panels offer unique benefits. Keep reading to discover the differences and benefits of choosing 3rd Street Inn’s faux greenery outlets!


Panel VS Trellis

Before jumping into the benefits of our greenery choices, let’s go over the direct feature differences between them. The main functional difference between a panel and a trellis is the expandable feature only the trellis offers. Trellises work as a flexible fencing option that allows you to choose to condense or expand to your liking. All of 3rd Street Inn’s Trellis are 20" H x 108" W when fully expanded and 50" H x 24'" W when fully condensed. So, there’s room to play with design and meet the length needs of your chosen space. The wooden lattice backbone of the trellis also sets it apart from the panel as it brings in a slightly warm, earthy appeal. While panels are not expandable, their ultra-compacted nature offers a fuller, richer look and highly effective noise reducer. Panels obtain fewer gaps and less of that “fence” or “lattice” look, bringing a more jungly, thick appeal to the indoor or outdoor space they're attached to. Since the panels are not expandable, it is less likely to see through the foliage—giving you the most secluded, full foliage out there.


No shame in the cover-up game! 

Let’s be honest, we all have areas in our spaces that we’re not particularly keen on displaying for the world to see. It’s called being a human. Greenery panels and trellises are your best sidekick when looking to cover up these spaces. Whether it’s a cluttered corner in the yard, a bulky HVAC unit, or the chipping paint on the old shed, our greenery can directly conceal any eyesore. Bringing fresh, green, and bright elements to homes and businesses will usher in new opportunities.


Noise Reduction

We all know the feeling of being in a busy, loud restaurant where voices are echoing off the walls and you can barely hear your own table’s conversation. Our trellises and panels actively work to disrupt and reduce noise signals in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Noisy neighbors, echoing rooms, bustling streets—they’ve got you covered. Plus, maintaining your peace and quiet has never been easier with our easy panel and trellis DIY application.



Feeling fully alone and intimate with your home can be difficult when living in apartment communities or highly-trafficked streets. The same goes for working in crowded spaces and on busy streets. Obtaining privacy and feeling solitude in your home or office space is important. With the easy installation of both greenery panels and trellises comes easy privacy! Whether you need to seclude your balcony to have more privatized time on your porch or cover up the gated fence at your office job to minimize distractions from passer-byers—faux greenery works. Not only does it increase privacy, but it also adds a stylish, organic vibe that activates our feel-good hormones. Humans are happiest when surrounded by the beautiful lush, green mother nature.


UV Resistant, Maintenance Free, Easy Installation 

Bringing in nature doesn’t have to mean upkeep, bugs, or worries about a failed attempt at the ole’ green thumb! When they are high-quality faux greenery, the only thing you will ever have to do is install them. 3rd Street Inn’s panels are easily installed with interlocking connectors for an easy DIY install. The Ultra-Flex Frame contours to any shape for flawless artificial greenery on flat or curved surfaces. Both the grippy panel backing and the sturdy lattice trellis backing can be attached to any surface: stone, wood, metal, brick, you name it! Whether you install your greenery inside or outside, they are protected from UV-Rays with our unique protective technology garnetted to maintain the organic, real, raw, and fresh look for years.  
Whether you choose to incorporate 3rd Street Inn trellises or panels into your coveted spaces, know that they are the industry game changer: full-proof, quality, and built to last. 
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Blog by: Grayson Toal